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At Crosscut we are truly your "one stop shop". We can provide services for everything from tree trimming/removal, to processing logs to lumber, to creating custom buildings, furniture or millwork.


Tree Removal

We provide services for trimming and pruning to complete removal and clean up. There is no tree too big or too small. If we can't reach with our bucket truck, or simply can't access it. We are fully outfitted for climbing and rigging to remove your trees safely and efficiently.


Stump Grinding

We are currently running a Bandit SG 40 stump grinder. This allows us to tackle stumps of all sizes and in almost any location.



Thanks to the folks at Wood-Mizer we have milled many thousands of board feet of quality lumber over the years. We have broken down logs as large as 42" diameter! Max width of cut is approximately 35" and cuts lengths up to 17'6".

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